And bright I am,in fact so bright it's untrue.

I' ll soon have this lot licked into shape

My name comes from Greek
and means

And bright I am
in fact so bright it's untrue.

And I'll soon have this lot licked into shape
This is Febe from our very first litter of Tialexi miniature schnauzer puppies
has found herself a great family home with
Laura , Margaret & Richard, in Kendal

Laura's a keen Dog Show spectator, and was at the recent Blackpool show until the tent blew down.
But maybe we'll see her in the junior ring some day.

And more Snow
As you can imagine all the update piccies from everyone this winter 2009 into 2010 shared a common theme.

Snow, snow, snow and even more snow.

You lot should think yourself lucky, you try and walk our Gang of Miniature Schnauzer at the same time in snow !
Febe & Laura

are now taking part in the exciting sport of
Dog Agility
And now
win 2nd place in there first major agility event of the year in their group
What a great performance, just shows what can be done with dedication and team work 
We know how much you all prize your
Tialexi Trufts Awards

And mere Gold Medals for
might be a little insignificant compared to everything else
she's won
But rules are rules
and we're all bound by them

Gold Medal
it is for a very proud looking little Febe
and Laura of course
Alasdair is imagining you all thinking what's a West Highland Terrier doing here on the website, he must have made a mistake with the picture, but no, there's no mistake.  He's Ted, and we wanted to share his story.

He's 18 months old and only has three legs and found himself in rescue, but no more as he's now Febe's best pal.  So let's all commend Febe and her family for letting Ted adopt them as his new family.
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