We really must get the chance to give out more of these prestigious awards

So come on


Miniature Schnauzer
Lets Get Busy Achieving
Lacey wins yet another Trufts Gold Medal for her contributions to charity

This is Lacey's second medal  having completed the Race for Life.  We are just loving the pink leggings and tea shirt she wore for this years run.
We always knew  Fyn had more to him than just digging and getting as dirty as possible,
and here it is, his prize was for being the dog to show the best and  most improved in training classes.
Well done Fyn, so here's a Trufts Gold Medal , even if his award was just because he was the worst behaved in the first place
Febe's achievements are already well hailed on this website.

Her agility page is tribute to that.

So her Trufts Gold Medal has been well earned.
Strictly speaking Gertie's First prize belongs to her Grandad,   the person that most like their dog award

But we're going to award her a Trufts Gold Medal
Why not, it could have just as easily been a competition for the dog that most looks like their person, and after all,following the strict rules of Trufts, a Rossette was awarded
Lacey wins a Trufts Gold Medal for her contributions to charity

This is Lacey with her medal having  completed the Race for Life sponsored run with
Cath & Jade
Well done to all of them.
Jessie earns her Trufts Gold Medal
for winning the "dog most people would want to adopt" competition

Not only is Jessie the first to get a Trufts Medal this year, she is also the first Scottish Tialexi to get one of these prestigious
Trufts may not be sponsored by your favourite dog food or furniture company, but you still get the awards you rightly deserve
to celebrate
all your


miniature schnauzer
achievements and awards
Any Award
Cup or Trophy
Being Clever
Doing Well
Everything Else
or just for
Being Cute
Monty gets a Silver Trufts miniature schnauzer award
Monty gets a Tialexi Trufts
Silver Medal

He was picked out  and featured as the
Cover Page Image of Petmeds

Well Done
Poppy and Lacey take Siver Trufts miniature schnauzer awards
Popsicle & Lacey
have been out and about for charity  doing the
Moon Walk

Lacey's no stranger to charity work having already recieved two Gold awards, and it's great to see Popsicle following in her pawsteps
Bailey takes the first Gold Tialexi Trufts miniature schnauzer award of 2014
Bailey's quite the little star at his local

The Dog Barn
events days

So a big
Hip Hip
for him acheiving the first Gold Trufts award of 2014
Monty gets a Silver Trufts miniature schnauzer award
Fantastic achievement

A big
Well Done

Ok, some may be thinking a liitle mean of me only giving Popsicle & Kath a Silver

Trufts Award

But just imagine  how happy everyone will be when they achieve the next level and get a

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