Febe & Laura
Dog and Handler

Have taken up the sport of agility and have achieved a fantastic level of ability in a very short space of time.

The You Tube video link above is a must watch with Febe and Laura  after only ten weeks training showing off what they have both achieved
Dog agility has become a popular sport, and is  still growing. The sport involves a dog and their handler competing to complete an obstacle course in the best time. The courses are varied and include obstacles like hurdles, weave poles which are like a slalom, tunnels both rigid and flat like a sack, see saws, A frames, tyre jumps and dog walks.  We all know to well how energetic and indeed how  clever our Miniature Schnauzer are, and this combination makes them the ideal breed for this fun and entertaining sporting activity.  Having said that your dog will need your help through training and practice to develop the special bond between dog and handler that is needed to succeed.
We are sure you will agree that was just fantastic.

Certainly puts all of our Gang to shame

Running circles round us is all they are really good for
We really must all say a great big thanks to Febe and Laura's family  for the pictures and video and look forward to hearing how they both get on at future events
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