So we All know what that means

Yet another Trufts Award for Lacey and a first for Popsicle

Really they should be getting Gold awards, but the strict regulations of the
Trufts Awards

Dictate Silver
This is what we've all being waiting for

Popsicle & Lacey

All dressed up with somewhere to go

The Charity
Moon Walk
is the event they're off to

And don't they just look great
We wouldn't have expected any less from
Cath and the girls
keeping Popsicles
wardrobe up to date,don't think Jason will be to keen taking them out dressed to the nines though
Just think what a sight that will be on next years
Race for Life
When Cath & Jade turn up with two little pink accessorised Miniture Schnauzer
now that would be a picture for the Trufts Award Page
or Poppie for short as she'll be known is off to live with her  Tialexi big sister Lacey along with
Cath, Jason
their two girls

Popsicle Poppy the Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
My name means
I am an

Ice Lolly
on a stick

I know I like sticks, but don't know about the Ice Lolly part. 
I have seen pictures around here of Miniature Schnauzer getting a lick of one, so if I'm lucky I may just get to try one sometime  to find out
First Christmas
Santas llttle helper
Time for Bed


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