Like a couple
of my
Miniature Schnauzer litter brothers and sisters my name comes from Greek
And it means
and that's me all over


Has gone to live with

Cath  & Jade

up in the Lake district, well it's up from us, don't know about you though
This little gem is Lacey and she is one of our favourire Tialexi miniature schnauzers puppies of all time
Cath & Jade both have a passion for
Miniature Schnauzer

so think we can expect great things from them in the future

We think we can be pretty sure now, that


favourite time is party time.

Lots of greetings cards and presents

what more could this little girl want
We must say a big thank you to

Cath & Jade

for these pics of


Looks like she's really made herself at home
There's only one thing better than getting news and pictures of your Miniature Schnauzers,
and that 's a visit, so Lacey's visit today has given us one of those special days to remember.
Trufts awards aren't given away lightly you know

They do have to be earned and

does have three of them now
Two Gold & One Silver
So quite rightly she's looking very proud of herself having completed yet another charity

Race for Life Run

Well done
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