How cute is this little Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
My name is Hebrew in origin and it means

Gift from God

As much as I like that meaning of my name very much, I can't help thinking someone may may have made a mistake, shouldn't it be
a gift from dog.
hasn't had to journey far to go and life with her great new family in the Ribble Valley

Merisa, Fred

She'll no doubt make all her new family very happy
and even their  extended family of cats we're sure will learn to love her.
It's fantastic to see little
settling in perfectly with her great new family.
Well I was kind of needing  a haircut and really quite liking my striking all grown up lady looks.

What do you think?
This would be a  perfect shot of
for a
" Tongue out Tuesday "
post on the Schnauzer North West
Facebook page.
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