This is Jessie one of a litter of six Tialexi miniature schnauzer


My name comes from many origins including Scottish
and means

So that will be great for me, as I'm going to live in Scotland, and you can be sure I'll bring a wealth of Mini Mischief
with me
With a long journey ahead
has got everything ready for her trip to Dundee, where she is going to live with

and two sons,
Finley & Louis

There will also be a little surprise for her when she gets there, in the form of

" Winnie "

Who is in fact her Auntie and now new  best pal
It's just great to see this pair getting on  so well

Happy Days
Trufts awards aren't given away lightly you know

They do have to be earned so well done
on getting your first
Gold Award
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