Which means


and that I most certainly am
My name is German which is great for a Miniature Schnauzer it's short for Gertrude
Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer Gertie

has packed her bags to go and stay with

Katie & Phill

in the univercity city of

Katie is a school teacher so this little gem  may turn out to be a real little smartie
A big thank you to Katie and Phill for these great pictures of Gertie settling into her new home.

Looks like she is not going to be short of toys
Great pics of Gertie at Morcambe Bay on her first visit to the seaside.  There's nothing a miniature schnauzer likes better than a day out , and especially one to the seaside, but just as long as they get  a lick your ice cream
Trufts awards aren't given away lightly you know

They do have to be earned so well done
for getting a
Gold Award
Gold Medal
Ok Gertie may have won her Trufts medal for looking like her Grandad.

But just look at her now, a real case of like mother like daughter if ever we saw it
What can be better than having a miniature schnauzer in your life, having two of them, that's what.

It may be a shock to the system at first, twice the trouble, twice the barking, but just think
Twice the Fun
Gertie& Elsie
Just can't believe that four years have gone by
still is a little bear
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