My name is Scandanavian
and means

Brave Warrior
So roll over Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis & Russel Crowe, a new kid just hit the block
This little fellow is Fyn the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
has packed up all his gear to go off to stay with


All the way down in Surrey
He's going to have the resident cat has his new best friend

so we'll just have to wait and see how that works out
Trufts Gold Madal
Trufts awards aren't given away lightly

They do have to be earned and

has against all odds
won himself a
Gold Medal
So what has Fyn done to join the ranks of the Tialexi Trufts
  medal winners.

He won this cup for the being the best in his training class that's what
Just how a little miniature schnauzer can look this cute, and get into so much trouble, defeats us

Two years in a row now we've had snow covering what was our normally green and pleasant land.

But we can think of one big advantage.

That is, that while Fyn does his usual rolling about and digging, in whatever he can get is paws or nose into, he'll be cleaning himself at the same time.
Molly Fyns new pal
Teacher and pupil
Unusually Clean
Now then Fyn, this is a shock to the system.

It's Molly, but don't worry, she's a distant relative, so we're quite sure you'll be able to lick her into shape.

After all we can't have her letting the side down, can we ?
Fyn and Molly
Just Molly
Just Fyn
Hard to believe that four years have passed

but it's so great to see

Fyn & Molly

enjoying life to the full, well in
Miniature Schnauzer
style that is !
Here we have Fyn dreaming about what he's going to get up to today, then something perks him up, it's day out with Molly and their best mate Monty.  And I think we can safely say that judging fron how clean he looks in the back of the car, this picture was taken on arrival to their destination.
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