My good old
English name

Desiring Peace
My new
Mum & Dad
will certainly be desiring some
of that with me around
This little fellow is Wilf and what a great little Tialexi miniature schnauzer character he is.
has gone
to live with

Diane & Steve

in Oldham

new best pet freinds will be Diane & Steve's cats
And wonder how much peace they'll be desiring
Looks like Wilfs well happy with his new Create and Bed
Hope that's not one of the cats cushions the little rascal has run off with though
Wilf and his new pal
Wilf digesting the news
What newspaper delivery
There is nothing much worth reading in the papers anyway Wilf, but it would have been nice to know what was on the TV that night
Look at that
Miniature Schnauzer
with a
Looks like it's going to be a regular feature in owners albums.  We had  last years, and the year before. And Wilf pictured here is the first

Miniature Schnauzer Snow Dog
Wow, how great this little fella has grown up.

It's fantastic to see him on his
5th Birthday.
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