Training a Miniature Schnauzer requires consistency and an understanding of being alpha in the family pack. They are a very intelligent breed of dog that must be taught at a young age that they are not the dominant figure in the household.

It is well known that most Miniature Schnauzer dogs can be very  stubborn,  hard headed, manipulative, and assertive to get what they want.

With constant repetitions, they will soon learn that you mean what you say, and there's nothing they can do about it. Don't give them an inch because they will surely take a mile. They do however, require a lot of attention on a regular basis, as they tend to become depressed if neglected.

Because of the intelligence of the miniature schnauzer breed, they learn very quickly from a confident, but fair handler. More and more are seen in the obedience and agility rings, as their loyalty and willingness to please outshines in this sport.