There are two sides to a Miniature Schnauzers temperament. They can go from being energetic and out-of-control, to snuggling up in your lap on the couch. It is a breed much loved by the older generation, as they can be very gentle. Without being told, they recognize when to be gentle and calm around children, and when it is okay to run around and play with an older crowd.

Miniature Schnauzer are also known to be hard headed, and stubborn, but deep down they are mischievous little guys. They are very energetic breed of dog that can play for hours on end. If they are unable to get enough exercise, they can become a very difficult breed to handle.

It is also known for Miniature Schnauzers to seek a dominant role when meeting other dogs, even those larger than themselves. This may often start a fight, without necessarily intending to do so. Though they usually get along with most dogs, the key is socialization at a young age; they must be exposed to many breeds and sizes of dogs.

Miniature Schnauzers are vocal dogs, known to bark at even the slightest of noises; In this sense, they make wonderful watchdogs. They are highly loyal to their family, and keep very protective of them.