Tialexi miniature schnauzer puppy called Ruby


My name simply means
I am a

Don't know about anyone else, but I can certainly live with that.

I really do consider myself to to be a little gem
This little gem may not find herself a place on the
Crown Jewels

But we know, and you can be assured

she'll be the

Crowning Glory

of her new family

All Hale

Ruby Tuesday

Here At Last
We think you can have as many Smarties as you like printed on your Wellies
But there is only one real Smartie in the picture
Ruby's been for a day out at the seaside
Checking out the ducks in the pond, running around the beach and chilling out with her Dad
Day Trip
To the Seaside
Ice Cream Great
Soggy Dog
You just can't beat a good old daytrip to the seaside

and Ice cream
What do we Celebrate next
Halloween Then
Xmas next
Twinkle twinkle Mini Star
" Ruby "

Does like a good

Here we have " Ruby " looking like something is afoot and she'd be right.  All her family are off on holiday during the perfect summer weather of 2013.

She does look much happier though now she knows she's going to be staying, chilling and relaxing, with her bestest pal in the whole wide word when they're away.
" Ruby "
has been to the photographer

What a little poser
she is.
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