I don't know who coined the phrase

" It's a dogs life "

But clearly they never met
Oscar & Poppy

All that relaxing in front of a nice worm fire looks like the life for me

If you've ever wondered how much fun two miniature schnauzer can have togother then here's your answer

compliments of

Is this just asking for
Double Trouble 
they may all just be gluttons for punishment
or  maybe it's even worse, could be

Minusculus Furor

A disease with no cure, not even any treatment, you just have to live with it
is going to live with her  big brother Oscar and his family making another
Tialexi Duo

Don't really know what red flowers have got to do with
Miniature Schnauzer Though they do use them for
and you can trust in this, nobody will forget me
My name Poppy is derived from the Old English word for

Red Flower
Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer Poppy


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