This is Pip a Tialexi Minaiture Schnauzer puppy


My name which is of English origin actually means I 

Like Horses
Don't know where the idea that I like horses comes from.

I know my Dad, Ryly, doesn't really like them,
so why should I, but then again, I've never met one.

What are they anyway ?
Pip's really got one of those mischievious looks about her

Guilty or not guilty, don't quite know yet.

Think we'll leave the jury out on this one for a bit longer though.
off to live locally in



Vicki , John
two children

Emma & Sam

Wonder how long it'll take for Pip to get that lot into shape.
Liking very much Pip's tartan bow tie

She looks really smart

But we're sure that was not her only Christmas present this year

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