You'll be glad to know

The Gang

Haven't been locked  up and put behind bars at boot camp in the barracks stockade.

They have been on a trip to the Lake district in their crate in the back of the car to have their litter screen BVA eye examination which they all passed with flying colours, and we've attached a copy for your reference.

And even better they all behaved in their crate during what was a long journey for them all the way there and back.

Week Seven

Not Long to go now
and just bet your all getting excited.

There are still some  preparation we want to cover and one being food which we're going to tackle on an individual basis with you all over the next couple of days.

Another topic is their Microchip registration.

We will register them on Wednesday
after they go for their first vaccine.

You will then get a text and or email
Microchip Central
with a link to complete the transfer to you.
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