My name
is Irish
and it's meaning is

Golden Princess
I may not be golden but I know I am a little Princess
Handbrake off  into gear
This little Princess is Orla and she is one of our favourire Tialexi miniature schnauzers puppies
gone to live with


She will be living close to Liverpool so the many great musicians, comics, and some may say footballers from this great city will have to watch out now, just incase
steals the
celebrity limelight

And you can see from from the pictures she has already started to read gossip pages of the tabloid press  
It's a strange feeling when puppies go to new homes, we do miss them when they go, but some more than others.

This little Princess we really will miss. 
She's been a little gem
Traveling in style
Can I Drive
Handbrake Off
And behind the wheel
You would have thought traveling in style suited Orla.

But no, she has to be in control, so it's handbrake off, behind the wheel, and away she goes
Looks like Orla's been doing a bit of dogializing with the local doglebrities.

After strutting her stuff, she meets a spaniel,  then ignores the pekingese, but does have a little chat with a pug
Plain Purple
Simply Stripes
This has to be every dogs dream.

The front cover of


But Orla just can't make up her mind
Plain Purple or Simply Stripes.
What a doglema.
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