My name

I've heard about a soldier called Monty, but he was a Dessert Rat. I'm not a Rat, I'm a Miniature Schnauzer
Wonder if there's ever been a mountaineering Monty 
Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer Monty
off to the seaside at the other end of the country from us
in Whitley Bay
his new family will be Mum & Dad
Nicola and Jamie and two boys

Hamish and Angus

Just know
going to be thinking
three lads to back me up
Mum  outnumbered four to one, that's got to be good odds to  become the boss around here.

Watch this space
Up in the morning
Out for a good look around
And a good sniff
And time for bed
Just great to see Monty
enjoying his new home and garden, and his bed by the look of it.
gets a
Silver Medal

Good to see
got all the right gear
to brave this cold weather
This is much better
a good old summers day
out in the garden with my best pal
He was picked out  and featured as the
Cover Page Image for
Well done

Honest, the first of these pictures really is


A real Miniature Schnauzer, and not a cuddly toy version from
Compare the
Think there so smart these kids of mine, getting a sledge to try and beat the four break paw power of the
Miniature Schnauzer

I don't think so !
they'll have to think of something better than that to beat me to the bottom of this hill.
We don't know if this great little guy will ever stop looking like a little
Miniature Schnauzer cuddly toy.

But what we do know is, he's a great little character and we all love him for that
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