My name can be traced back to Scandanavia
and means

Wished For
It also means I'm intellegent and may get excited when faced with new adventure.

Come on

Miniature Schnauzer

Of course I'm going to be an excitable little character 
has packed up her puppy pack
to go and live with


She won't be far away though, as she'll be local to Blackpool.

So we'll no doubt cross paths at some point
Mia is a fantastic little Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
Mia's been on a good long hike here and loving every minute.

Looks very much like she's at
Pendle Hill
but please don't quote us on that
Mia's first ever swim on a trip to the
Lake District

Who says
Miniature Schnauzer
don't like the water
Gets around does
here she is at
Hardnott Pass
a beautiful part of Cumbria and the
Lake District
Just had to share this fantastic piccie of


having a little chill out and me time among the Buttercups.
Now all I've got to do is remember what it was we used to do with Buttercups when kids,  remember my siser making Daisy chains but for the life of me can't remember what it was with Buttercups.
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