is a Scottish name and comes from the English name Margaret which means

A pearl needs to come out of its shell, but I don't need to come out of my shell, as I'm already out there, a full on, and in your face
miniature schnauzer
This little pearl is Maisie the Tialexi miniature schnauzer

is off to live with


plus a little surprise when she gets there,
but we'll get to that later.

We just know she's going to have so much fun when she gets there

Well then, I'm here now, so don't keep me waiting, after all I do have better things to do around here

so where is my little surprise
you guys said a little surprise

that looks like one great big one to me.

His dog tag says he's called

I think I'd better start showing this big fella his place right away

I'm not going to let anyone get the better of me
My toy Monty
Fireplace Mine
Me first thank you
It does look like Maisie is stamping her mark.

Toys hers, place in front of the fire hers, and out the door first.
As much as we, and we hope you enjoy the owners pages, we can't compete with the big boys

So why not check out

Monty & Maisie
These little
guys and gals

just grow up to fast


looking quite the
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