My name comes from Latin and means

I know that's not what my great new family were thinking of, because they've named me after a character from
Harry Potter

I think that's brilliant because it's magic, just like me
packed up her puppy pack to go and live locally
in Fleetwood with

Along with their two girls

Rose & Freya
This is Luna a Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
Don't know about everyone else, but we can't wait to see how much fun Luna has with her great family
It's just fantastic to see little


settled in with her great new family.
Looks like she's stamping her mark on everything that take her fancy.
Luna's checking out her new garden here and thinking it needs a bit of work done. But she's really thinking a good game with these balls is more interesting though
As many of you know, Diane spents a great deal of time knitting, mostly jumbers for the dogs and puppies, and it's just great to see Luna sporting the one she got from Diane when she was only eight weeks old, that's Luna at eight weeks old not Diane.
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