How cute is this little Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
And we're more that sure she'll get plenty of  opportunities to check out her
knowledge of meadows.
only had a short journey to her perfect new home in
where she'll share her life with


Meadows, they're like fields, am I right ?  You can run around in fields, right?They've got loads of interesting smells as well am I right on that also ?

Although I really know I'm right maybe better that I just get taken to one to make sure.
My name's English origin



Leia's been working her charms to make some new friends and as we can see they all seem to have worked with her finding herself a new pest pal.
A little before and after shot, well this just has to be followed up with a fashion photo shoot.

What a little Diva.
Here we have Leia on her 2017 spring  break.
Summer is just round the corner, bring it on
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