Week Two

The big event this week is the puppies eyes opening. They don't actually see anything yet, just getting a sense of movement, but soon they'll fully focus to discover who and what is around.

The Bunch also get their first puppy worming treatment at the end of this week.  This is very  important to their health and wellbeing, and something you'll have to continue throughout their lives.

Stay calm, we'll tell you all about what and when to do this in the future.
We know you'd much rather look at puppy pictures of

The Bunch

It's important to let you know other  things though.  So to start, we've now  submitted Kennel Club Registrations
for the puppies Pedigree names.

A Kennel Club Registered name  has to be unique and there are strict  Kennel Club rules on what you can and cannot have, so we'll tell you more when we know what names they have approved.
Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer at two weeks old
This week is like calm before a storm. In week two The Bunch's eyes first open, and in a few more days they'll also start to hear things too, then they'll discover those things attached to each corner of their plump little bodies actually allow them to get around and about.
So whilst it's all very calm at the moment, just think, this little Bunch are only just starting to learn these skills, and eventually they will master them to become all seeing, all hearing, and fully mobile, and then you can believe us or not, but a storm will well and truly start.
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