It's been  full steam ahead for
The Bunch
this week on the good ship
ss Tialexi
And never mind us, their Aunty Tegan who's very quick off the mark and with a lightning turn of speed is having difficulty keeping up with them
You have to remember though as quick as they are at getting out of trouble, they can be just as quick to get into it.

So when at full steam ahead it has to be all hands on deck, and man the crow's nest, you have to be vigilant, after all you wouldn't want a mutiny.
Week Six
It's not so much what The Bunch are doing this week, but more what you're doing .
You've only got two weeks to go, so this is very much the time to be making sure you're getting everything ready.
You can trust we're doing our bit, and you'll be pleased to learn that crate training The Bunch is going really well.

We've even found the time start all their
Owners Albums
pages and place them on the

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