Miniature Schnauzer puppies one week old
Kyla and Ryly's Bunch have behaved perfectly in this their first week, and Kyla couldn't be a better Mum, we should all be very proud of her.  Over the next eight weeks we hope you'll enjoy following their antics and getting to know their individual characters as they grow.
We'll leave this week with up to press puppy pet names, first the boys we have "Junior & Harry " and for the girls we have " Luna "  and we know that still leaves two names, but that's only because their new family are yet undecided as to what to name their Bunch member.

Three little boys and two little girls, and that makes a bunch of five in our book.

A bunch of five then, that's just like having five fingers which makes for a handful.

We're sure this Bunch won't be a handful though, but then again only time will tell, so we'll all just have to wait and find out over the weeks to come.
Week One

At this stage pups are more or less helpless, they can't see or hear anything yet and  not even able to keep warm on their own, therefore very much totally dependent on their Mum, so really the most important thing this week is to keep Mum Kyla happy and healthy so she can peacefully care for them.

Pups don't really  get up to that much  in the first week other than eat and sleep, but they do get stronger and more active by the day.
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