You can be fairly sure Irving Berlin didn't write the lyrics of "There may be trouble ahead" with Miniature Schnauzer in mind.  They're far to stubborn to "face the music and dance" well at least to your tune.
As for their own tune, that's entirely a different matter, they really do like to get their own way.  You may not believe us now, but you'll all soon be able to test their resolve for yourselves, and then tell us we're wrong.
Now that this festive season is just about over, it really is time for you guys to start thinking.


We know your all thinking there's plenty of time, four weeks in fact, but trust us that time will soon fly.

So let's all get with the program, and start thinking about everything that needs to be done, and any question, remember you just have to ask.

Week Four

The Bunch get up to all sorts this week.

They start to walk with confidence and start to play fight.

They'll paw, bite, chase, and even start to bark and growl at each other.

It's only for short periods though, as they do run out of energy very quickly at this time.

They also start to eat solid food this week, well it's more like puppy porridge at the moment, but it does give them the boost of energy they need for that next playtime.
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