Can't say these two will stay friends forever, but just for now this little monster has found himself a new best pal. You would have thought he'd have chosen on of his brothers or sister, but no he's picked Nessie.
Week Five

New adventures is what this week is all about.

No more, big white whelping box, out and about is where
The Bunch
want to be, so crate training starts now.

First trip out in the car was another great adventure, they all had to go to the BVA specialist for their Miniature Schnauzer breed specific eye tests, which you'll be pleased to know they all passed.

Then there's their new routine, which including having little collars on, they will after all have to get used to wearing one.
We know what you thought, you thought Nessie was the monster, come on, just look at the little fellow, he's cute, he's soft and he's cuddly, ok he's green in colour, but how could you possibly think he was the real monster.
Let's get serious for a minute, and think how to really stop

The Bunch

becoming little monsters.


That's the answer.
So this week
start to learn to respect who's the boss.

It's quite simple really, it's who feeds them, who lets them have their all important playtime and who gives them a safe place to sleep.
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