My name in
Old English

I'm thinking this name will be just great for me.

I can just imagine all the mischief I can get up to throughout my future life, and if   caught, then I can play the

I don't know any better, I'm after all only a young
Miniature Schnauzer
has packed up his puppy pack
to go and live with

Celine, Richard
And by family we don't just mean Kids, there's Daisy the dog, Marmalade the  cat, Oreo & Biscuit the chickens, and then if he gets bored of them there's Bill & Ben the terrapins he can watch when there's nothing worth while on the telly.


Meet Junior a great Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer character
That's Junior home now and he's settled in really well, and who wouldn't with all these toys and comfy bed.
Junior has his very own
Facebook page
to follow all his antics.

Why not visit him and make friends.
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