My name means
and is Persian
It was traditionally given to  one of the three wise men of the Nativity, so how wise am I going to be then.
Do we need flowers
No lets dig them up
Honest it was not me
Jasper is clearly liking his new garden.

He just needs to put his stamp and finer touches to the landscaping though.
The Prisoner
Upside down
Look who is in the background
Poor little guy, he's stuck in till his last vaccine, and doesn't know whether he's coming or going or up our down.

At least he has a Gerry  the Giraffe to keep him company.

Hope he is looking after Gerry better than our Gang did
This little chap is Jasper and he is one of our favourire boy Tialexi miniature schnauzers puppies
Great to see the little fella settled in and having fun.
What a great life this little guy

is going to have.

He's off to live in bonny Scotland with


along with their family of three girls


just like his name we're sure his new family will bear him every treasure he'll ever want
Schnauzer Santa
Whats all this about
Hmmm not so sure
Oh yes I am sure
Ok, Christmas is great , presents from Santa, a special dinner, with all the trimmings,
but I would have liked someone to tell me that being one of Santas little helpers meant going out in all that snow
Now this is much more my kind of  thing

Day out at the seaside, with more space than I've ever seen to run around.

Thanks to all my family for this great day
We'll tell you what, this little guy really does live the good life.

We'll wager, he's living up to his name, and reaping the rewards of the treasure he bears

What A Guy
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