Why should you have pet dog insurance for your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Well first, there is the the obvious answer, to cover you against possible unexpected veterinary costs, and then there's the less obvious.

Did you know,as a dog owner you are liable for any damage your dog causes to a third party, and if you consider we live in a compensation world, with daytime TV adverts bringing the phrase " where there's blame there's a claim" to mind, then third party insurance is surely a must. You may also want to consider, if you were to become unwell, to the extent you're unable to look after your much loved pet, who'll meet the cost of looking after them.

OK I'm no insurance expert. but I would like to think I'm worldly enough to know you can insure anything, against any eventuality, even your new Miniature Schnauzer pup chewing your antique rug, but at a cost, so the best advice I can offer is, make up your mind what you want to insure against, ask the questions you want answers to, and always,read the small print.
We activate
four weeks free insurance when you collect your puppy.
After that you'll
find a minefield of insurers out there, all to willing to collect your premiums, and the Kennel Club guide below is a great start to understanding what your paying for