This little fellow is Hubert the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
My name is
and in origin

Bright  Heart
There was even a Hubert
Patron Saint
of the hunter.

I can just see me doing a little hunting of my own
is going to stay round here in Poulton Le Fylde With

Julie & Peter

Not all that
far away from us really,
but that's no excuse for not sending update piccies, as everyone likes to enjoy them
Not the shoe laces
Yes the Kong is good
Nothing to play with under here
It's great to see him settled in, and we can't wait for some pics when he finally gets out and about to explore that big wide world out there
Great to see Hubert having a good time out and about even after following a Labrador into the water

But at least after he got dried off, he got a good lick of that Ice Lolly
We just don't see enough of this great little fella, here he is though around Christmas 2013
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