My name goes all the way back to Anglo Saxon times and means

Christmas born
I know I was born in May and Christmas is December, I'm pleased about that because I've seen somewhere a puppy is not just for Christmas
has gone to a great new home in Cheshire with

Carl's already been a Miniature Schnauzer owner for many years, so as luck would have it, he already knows, all to well what to expect
This is Holly a very special Tialexi miniature schnauzer
At Home
In the Garden
And out and About
Are we there
Look at me
No energy left
Holly's Holiday

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

That's my stubborn miniature persistence everyone goes on about
This holiday lark is great fun and all that, but it doesn't half knock the wind out of your sails.

Think I need a rest
A big thanks to Carl & Christine for these pics of
in her new home.

She's really settled in, at home ,in the garden and out and about.

Just what we like to see.
Snow Snow Snow
Bah Humbug
What is this then
Among the many pictures you send , the snow adventures, humbug Santa helpers, if you have a good search around you'll find an ever increasing trend.

And that is, from one to two
resident miniature schnauzer
so have a carefull look at the last picture and see if you can spot
It's great to see

Holly & Bryn

Best pals or what!
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