Harris the Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer puppy
My name actually comes from German and means

Home Ruler
Well that's an appropriate meaning for the name of a
Miniature Schnauzer
I think I can live up to that, what do you think
has packed his bags
and gone
to live with

up in Glasgow.
Jack's a budding football player, and we wonder whether Harris will be able to run as many circles round Jack on the pitch, as we know he'll be able to do at home
Between us, we know what a little monster Harris can be, but never the less, you can't help but just love the big fella
What to do
Where is the remote
Nothing on TV
But this is interesting
Now this just proves there are benefits to be gained from a bit of dog training.
Now that Jack has done some work in training
to Sit, Fetch & Stay
he can now take him down to the driving range and knock a basket of golf balls without Harris chasing after them.

What a clever pair of lads they are, next thing we know Harris will be Jacks caddy down at the golf course, just hope the club captain is a miniature schnauzer fan
strict club rules and all that !
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