Before buying a Miniature Schnauzer puppy, you should consider the grooming needed to maintain their coat. Weekly brushing is required to prevent their coat from matting. Before bathing and clipping, they need to be thoroughly brushed in case of any matt-buildups. Brushing in an upward direction will help to avoid missing any mats. First, start by brushing the leg hair in an upward direction, starting from the top and working your way down. Be careful not to forget the armpits, belly hair, and in between the toes, these areas tend to mat up easily. If you do find a matt, place your hand between the matt and skin to minimize any discomfort in removing the mat. Their eyebrows should be combed forward, while the beard should be combed from the flat of the muzzle down and the underneath combed forwards. It is a good idea to run a brush down their back to help stimulate the skin, and remove any buildup of dirt and natural oils.

The standard coat for a show Miniature Schnauzer is hard, wiry, and coarse, achieved by a plucking process called stripping, where the undercoat and dead outer coat is removed by hand. This however a difficult and time consuming task to take on for the first timer and for most pet quality Miniature Schnauzers, due to clipping, it's only a matter of time before only the soft undercoat remains. They're often kept this way due to the ease in up keep of their coat. It's recommended to get them professionally groomed about every 8 weeks or so, they will also be able to trim nails, and clean out ears. More courageous owners will take on all the grooming themselves to prevent numerous trips or visits, to or from a groomer.