Flea & Tick Prevention
Your puppy will be treated at 8 weeks with

Frontline® Spray Solution
Available prescription only for puppies under 8 weeks and 2kg weight

This treatment is designed to last for about a three months period, so future treatment will be required at about three monthly intervals thereafter.
Frontline®  is effective against ticks, fleas, and lice on dogs. It does not prevent all ticks from attaching, but ticks will be killed within the first 24-48 hours.  Any attached ticks should be safely removed as soon as they are discovered.
Frontline® comes in both

"Spray" or "Spot On" form

Our preference is for the "spot on" type. It is easy to apply, and is widely available being stocked by not only your vet, but in many pet stores, supermarkets, & chemists

Frontline® is by no means the only product available, or solution to companion animal pest control, and your vet will be more than happy to give you further advice should you have any concerns
Ticks & Fleas
are a serious issue for both you and your  pets.

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