My name is Scottish and its meaning is

Supreme Man
I think I can live up to that without too much trouble.

What do you think
is in for a big surprise when he gets to his new home with

Lisa & Alex

and as it's not a cat we can't let that out of the bag so we'll just have to spill the beans as it were.

So the big surprise, well It's


who is his


Big Sister
Fergus the Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
Well then, Fergus is now at home, wonder who got the biggest surprise though, Ellie or Fergus.

Anyway he's settled in and, yes Fergus that big " Zootopia " container does have dog  food in it.
Poorly Paw
Get Better Soon

Poor little fella, he's only just gone and stood on something he shouldn't have, and he's cut his little paw.
We know Fergus, it's not right that everyone is making fun of your little foot sock that youv'e got to wear to protect your poorly paw when you go out, and no it's not doing your street cred any good either, but sorry big fella, you do have to admit it's quite funny looking
It's fantastic to see this duo
Ellie & Fergus
having so much fun together and showing that
Miniature Schnauzer
can like water
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