We're normally finding out how our little miniature schnauzer are getting on fitting in with you all their new families, but on this occasion we're finding out who Elsie's getting on with her new family member
So as you can see, Elsie's checked out the front, and not much going on, she's not sure about the back though, but hey, what's this, the little fella is actually watching me now.
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas

Fairly sure you've all got Elsie's idea by now
What to do next
Here's Elsie showing off one of the very best attributes the miniature schnauzer has to offer.  They don't stop for a rest that often, and we're sure you guys that have experience of them will already know that, but when they do, they seem to have this, still awake, but not fully awake look. Ok we'll admit, it makes them look ever so cute and innocent looking, but behind those dark and meaningful eyes, really they're just thinking about what to get up to next.  There's all those folk they missed barking at during the past day, so they'll have to watch out for them tomorrow, to make up for missing them out yesterday. Then there's those plants in the garden that haven't been fully dug up yet, because of being distracted by someone to bark at, that has to be a first priority in the morning.  We'll never know everything that goes on the minds of these little characters, but one thing is sure, what ever the result, it does make for a interesting life.  
One on One
Two 0nTwo
Good one on none
Gertie has taken Elsie to meet the Spaniels

These Spaniels are the pets of
Gertie & Elsie's
Grandparents, human ones that is.

Don't think she's taken to them though, well at least not as much as they took to her.
It really is great to see Gertie & Elsie
settling in with each other

What a double act
they're going
to make
First Encounter
My bed not yours
Little and Large
Alone at last
is off to stay with Gertie who will be her older Tialexi big sister

Katie & Phill

will be there as well , just to keep an eye on what they'll  be getting up to

And we're more than sure, her big Tialexi sister will show  her the ropes when she gets home
Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer Elsie
My name is short for Elizabeth and means

  My God is

My new mum is a teacher and Gertie my new sister thinks she's really smart too,
but even I can spell


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