Here we have Eira one of Kyla's litter of six  Tialexi miniature schnauzer puppies


My name means


and it comes from both
Welsh & Irish

Don't know what that says about me though,
other than what I get up to is my business, and  snow business of anyone else
Packing her puppy pack and she'll be off
on her travels to live with

Lisa & Lee

and two sons
Ryan & Cory

And pardon the pun
once again,
we just snow
she's going to bring something special into thier lifes
Looking this cute
we'd surely bet that little


just about gets away with anything
Eira's been to her groomer for a
puppy trim
We always love Christmas, we get new from all of you and here we have the great little character


Christmas 2013
Loving the new tartan dog bed.
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