My name is from
Old English
and it's meaning is

Day Eye
I'll tell you now though
night or day I'll guarantee you nothing's going to get past this Miniature Schnauzer

Daisy the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
is off to stay with

Helen & Julie

in a quiet village on the borders of Lancashire and North Yorkshire

Not that it's going to stay quiet once Daisy gets there, but with the Yorkshire Dales on her back door step and the Trough of Bowland on her front, there's some great countryside she can visit and give the villagers some peace
The Garden here is really good, plenty of vantage points to keep an eye on what's going on
No, don't even think about it, this is my rope, and it will stay my rope until I've finished with it, OK
Is this mine to play with as well, honest I found it on the floor, so rightly mine, yes?
I just love this beach

And the Snow

And the Grass

And the Motor home

In Fact

  I just love my life


Helen & Julie
One Year Old Today

Happy Birthday
How fantastic is this.

Daisy has been on holiday to
Bavaria & Austria

And doesn't that castle in the  background look just the the one from
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Daisy's now completed all the
Wainwright Walks
and made may friends in doing so along the way
like Jobb and Hector who's the big white fellow.
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