My name's origin is Irish
and it means

That's a great name for me, I'm that clever I already know I'm clever, and in fact my full Pedigree name is

Clever Cassidy

How good is that
will be off to live locally in



Michael John

My name is Cassidy and I am a Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer
We know she's going to be spoilt to bits and have a great life, and we look forward to hearing all about her future antics.
Cassidy is liking her new garden, and liking it a  lot by the looks of it,  just don't know whether she's being a
help or a hindrance though.
Cassidy is by all accounts
living up to her name meaning
and doing really well at puppy training classes, althou she apparently is more interested in making new friends, but then again, that's also a really important part of puppy training, and after all who could possibly resist the perfect little gem
Just hope Santa Schnauzer isn't going to come down the chimney to
left , she'll surely miss him.

Come on Cassidy keep your eye's on the prize, well present really at this time of year.
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