My Name means


and it's
in origin

I've seen pictures of my new big sister
up in the hills on holiday she was, so with any luck I'll get to go there as well and live up to my name
gone to live with


who is his
big sister, but we must not forget also with


What a double act they're going to turn out to be

Holly & Bryn
that is.
This little Tialexi miniature schnauzer is Bryn
On his way home
First Encounter
Closer Inspection
And all good
You know, it's probably just as well this little fella is off to live with Carl, Christine & Holly.

With all the miniature schnauzer experience they have, between them they should hopefully be able to keep him in check.  We mean, just look at the little fella, how much mischief is behind those all seeing eyes, what's going through that mini mind, don't think we'd be brave enough to find out, may just be like opening Pandoras Box
After a first encounter of the Tialexi kind, and a bit of closer examination, it looks like evrything has gone well with introductions
There's nothing a miniature schnauzer likes better, well apart from food and treats that is, than being out and about, and having a good old game of fetch.
Come on Holly
Grab this stick
Not you Dad
And thinking about treats, there must be something that's keeping Holly & Bryn's attention, and judging by Bryn's reaction it must be good, hope it's worth the wait big fella
You just can't beat a good old day trip to the seaside.

And to find a ball to play with when you get there, life just doesn't get better than that.
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