My name may just be from an old Celtic meaning for

High & Noble
I think I can live up to that expectation, don't you
off to Ardrossan in Bonny Scotland, that's where he's going to live, with


So he's going to continue his life by the ocean wave
Now the little guy's home safely, he's found out
the grass is
but the paving is
colder and he's wondering why his litter mates aren't in his crate
Who says
Miniature Schnauzer don't like water

You just have to get them all the right gear to enjoy it, and Brian's figured it out.

  Never mind throwing enticing sticks and stones into the water for me to chase after
just get me a

This is Brian the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
Half way home
The grass is greener
The flags are colder
Where are my mates
Hmmm Plants
Ahhh wildlife
Crumbs exotic flowers
More Wildlife
Brian looks more than happy in his garden.
Just hope that Brian now being about doesn't result in the plants becoming even rarer , the flowers more exotic, and the wildlife listed as endangered species
Brian on his boat
Gone fishing
Nothing caught yet
Whale spotting
Spotted One
Captain Brian
Look Out
Think I need an haircut
Got an haircut
Had a little play around
Tiring this haircut lark
We're sure Brian you'd rather have been out on your boat or doing something more interesting, but sorry shipmate

Short back and sides
every 8 weeks
are captains orders
As nothing brightens our day more than news of your

Miniature Schnauzer

puppies and adults  please keep your pictures coming
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