My name's an old Irish name
and it means

Exalted One

I'm not
high and mighty , I'm just a Miniature Schnauzer

but if you'll please just get down to my level
I'll prove it to you
will be the third

Miniature Schnauzer
defector to the East.

No not

She'll be going to live with

Peter, Joanne

Co Durham
And we just know she's going to have the best of times there.
This is Bree the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
A Long Journey Home
Home at Last
Beginning to think, that some of our little crew members are missing out on something, with not defecting to the East.

Little Bree had a long journey ahead of her, and just look how happy she looked, even her new cuddly toy looked happy.

And when she's got there, just look at all her new home comforts.
Will I get a present
Is this enough space for it
This is Bree's first Christmas
and she's looking a little worried about, her present from Santa Schnauzer

I wouldn't worry though, as judging by the amount of
space she's got beside her in front of the tree.

It's going to be a good one
Your right I do think I could do with a
little trim here and there.

So I've saved up my "pawcket" money
and been to my groomer.

I like it,
what do you think?
You just can't beat
a good old
Schnauzer family
So so much like her mother

" Neve "

Fanatastic character, beautiful salt based colouring and even her little pig curled tail.
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