I've got an
English name
that's short for Robert
and means

I think that's got to be spot on
because I'm so bright
I just know I'm an oustanding Miniature Schnauzer

This little Tialexi miniature schnauzer is Bob
has gone to live in Manchester with


and their two daughters

Peter is a chef so Bob sure is not going to go hungry.
Come on lets play
Bob and Bonnie
Bestest Mates
Oops Water
Looks like Bob's had a really busy summer this year, making new friends and having loads of fun
Bob loves Xmas
Has Santa Been
Is that mine
Yes open it
Bob really is a proper Santa's little helper.

He just loves everything about Christmas, especially his present
Whats here then
Trees and more trees
What no picnic
If you go down to the woods today, your in for a Bob surprise, as the only Bob that ever there was, has gone down to the woods because, today's the day he's going to have a picnic.
Here we have
Bob & Tilly
out and about in the early days of spring 2013
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