My name's from old German
and it means

Don't think there's any need for anyone to worry about whether I can live up to that.

Just wait and see
off to live in Cumbria with his new family

Sarah  Steven
We know he's going to have a great time there.

The only thing we may have to worry about though is the fact that unlike his namesake

Bertram Wilberforce

he won't have a

to keep him out of trouble

This is Bertie the Tialexi miniature schnauzer
Little Trouble Maker
Big Trouble Maker
We're thinking, this Mini fellow is going to turn out to be quite a character.

And you never know, he may even get a television series written all about the trouble and antics he's no doubt going to get up to.

So we'll all just have to watch this space.
Love this picture of

  " Bertie "

all grown up, and with a fantastic Birthday hair cut too
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