This little Tialexi miniature schnauzer is Artemis
My name is


and its meaning is

I'm thinking all Miniature Schnauzer are gifted, so I must be extra special as my names means I'm a gifted gifted Mini, what do you think
will be off on his travels
and defecting
to the East 
No we don't mean Russia, we mean
where he'll be staying with

Well it looks like


is settling in quite happily
It looks like Artie isn't the only new family member around the household
No need to worry though Artie

You'll always be the show stopper around here
We thought it would be great to introduce you all to

" Wilson "

who is Artie's new best friend.
We're more than sure they'll be great pals, and have great fun togother with
Andy & Pauline
Looks like
" Artie & Wilson "
are waiting for a trip to the seaside.

We're only sorry they defected to the East.  It would be fantastic if they could meet up with all the

" Schnauzer Walks Northwest "
group members on one of their organised monthly walks.
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