We're no party poopers, but when it comes to Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, 5th November, or whatever you call it, or any firework event come to that, then sorry, we are.

So keep your Miniature Schnauzer pup or adult away from fireworks. Keep them safely at home. The bright lights and  loud noise can be very frightening. Dogs have more sensitive hearing than we do, and the loud noise may actually hurt their ears.  Don't punish your dog if they get scared, or fuss them , these reactions will only confirm that there is something to be afraid of, and will reinforce any scared panic behaviour. 

Also consider it's not only about the loud bangs and the flashing lights.  Firework components whether  exploded or not are toxic, and can cause serious stomach damage to your Miniature Schnauzer if picked up and eaten. It would be good practice to check around  firework display sites for any harmful debris before taking your pet for walks in the same location
It is important to be prepared  and gauge your puppies reaction to the events of the evening and remember the Golden Rule
Praise the good and ignore the bad
To prevent possible painful burns to eyes, noses, and paws please make sure you keep your

Miniature Schnauzer

away from children with sparklers
  Yes, it's only a Sparkler, I hear you say, it's still a firework, and usually in the hands of little children, who just like your
Miniature Schnauzer will not always know best.

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