How cute is this little Tialexi Miniature Schnauzer

Brian 2nd

My name is of Celtic origin and it means

High & Noble
I think that'll work for me as
Brian the 2nd
sounds regal and it's like
I 'm royalty or something.
went on a long journey to go and live down in Kent with

Andy, Fiona

When he gets there  not only will have a fantastic time with his perfect new family he'll also be the most southern based

Miniature Schnauzer

in the country to date on the around  Britain map.
Brian the 2nd
has become quite the little celebrity now he's home and out and about at Fiona's haidresser, what a little poser.

We,re loving that car safe harness he's sporting  as well.
The perfect way for him to travel in the car.
Looks like Brian's training is going well. 
He looks like he's go something on his mind, that may just be a little treat for being a good boy.

Come on Mum and Dad I'm doing what I'm told, please can I have a biscuit now.
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