We know what your thinking, not very many Miniature Schnauzers here then, that's because, this page gives us the opportunity to tell you a little about us, and our history with mans best friend.
We did in fact start our breeding days back in the eighties with Pekingese. A proud white dad Bayro, mums Kiki and Teeko and  those of you that visited us and Tia's first litter will remember our little Polly the pekingese at the grand old age of 15 years .
Polly was too small to have had puppies of her own, but had a lot of fun with all our litters of puppies over the years,and pictured above is our very first litter of three  all white Pekingese puppies
In spite her size Polly was master of the house and ruled over our Westies Daisy and Sweep and in later years the Gang of  Miniature Schnauzer, she just took in her stride.
These two girls below were our Westies  Daisy, and Sweep, the pick of  Daisy's first litter of pups and took us through the years of our children growing up.  We all go on about the Miniature Schnauzer being a vocal breed, but our Sweep teaching her puppies this fine art, would have given them a good run for your money

With so many memories and pictures of our dogs and puppies from over the years and not having a website of a size worthy Microsoft and Bill Gates we are sorry we cannot share them all. However one thought we will share, is, when losing our last Westie, we never imagined finding another breed that could give us the same pleasure, until our discovery of the character of the

"far too clever for their own good"

Miniature Schnauzer
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